The Weekly Rhema....

Pastors and leaders! Stop pushing for the hookup. God told Abraham that He would make his name great. Attaching yourself to people with well known names does not guarantee you greatness. The person that God sees as a great person is the person that obeys His will for their lives. Every church is not destined to be a mega church. Likewise, every pastor is not destined to be a mega pastor.

You can be a small church and do mega business for God.

The arrogance is obvious. Its ugly. Most people that are in the business for God does not care about being flamboyant and showy. Appearing on TBN and the Word network does not make a person great. Neither does it guarantee greatness. Appearing on TBN and the Word network are not requirements for getting into heaven and nobody will get in because they were there. Let God set your pathway.

The Bible teaches that in due season God will exalt us. If you exalt yourself (when you fall, and you will. Its only a matter of time), it will be like an oak tree falling in the forest. People will see it and laugh.

Anybody that can afford the airfare and travel expenses can be on tv. God did not call us to be celebrities and movie stars. We are called to be evangelists, and preachers. Not church and pew pimps. Stop promising Gods people what you cannot deliver. Teach them and groom them. Prepare them for real ministry that meets God's approval by bringing them up through the ranks. We have had too much flesh on Parade. Place yourself under the keadership that will tell you that you are arrogant. Allow that person to train and groom you. Why are you in search of titles and positions?

What are you achieving in your home town? You can Do big business for God from your small base. God sees it. He will reward you.

"Big" preachers cost big money. Spend that money on outreach in your city.

Wait on the Lord! God takes down one and puts up another. Stop pushing and walk and wait. God help us!
St. John 6:35
  And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

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